Fees for Public Records

Paper Copies    $.15 per page
Scanned Copies   $.10 per page
Records uploaded to email, cloud based storage,
  $.05 per every 4 electronic files
Records transmitted in electronic format   $.10 per gigabyte (GB)
Digital Storage Media (CD/DVD, flashdrive)   Actual Cost
Envelope    $.50 
Postage    Actual Cost 
Oversized copies (actual cost)  18" x 24"   $1.41 per page
                                                  24" x 36"   $1.62 per page

These charges may be combined to the extent that more than one type of charge applies to copies produced in response to a particular request. Example:  If a request has 327 pages of scanned responsive documents the cost of the scanned records is $32.70. If the records are to be saved to a storage device such as a CD/DVD, and there are 68 electronic files, the County can charge $.05 for every 4 electronic files (68/4=17 ; 17x .05 = $.85). The cost for loading electronic files to the CD/DVD is $.85. So far, this public records request will cost $33.55. The County will then also add the cost of  the CD/DVD, envelope, and postage.

In addition to the charges imposed for providing copies of public records as detailed above, the County may include a customized service charge. A customized service charge may only be imposed if the County estimates that the request would require the use of information technology expertise to prepare data compilations, or provide customized electronic access services when such compilations and customized access services are not used by the County for other County purposes. 

The customized service charge may reimburse the County up to the actual cost of providing the services.

The County may not assess a customized service charge unless the County has notified the requestor of the customized service charge to be applied to the request, including an explanation of why the customized service charge applies, a description of the specific expertise, and a reasonable estimate cost of the charge. The notice also must provide the requestor the opportunity to amend his or her request in order to avoid or reduce the cost of a customized service charge. See RCW 42.56.120 (3)

The County reserves the right to use an outside vendor for large-scale requests and odd-sized or larger color copies, and to charge the requester for all associated costs.Copy charges may be remitted by cash, electronic payment (if available) check, or money order. A deposit of up to ten percent of the estimated total cost may be required for large requests before records are copied. When requested records are provided on an installment basis, fees shall be collected for copies prior to provision of the next installment. Failure to pay for an installment shall place compilation of subsequent installments on hold.

If payment arrangements are not made within 15 calendar days of notice that records are available, the entire request shall be deemed abandoned and closed.