State Fire Assessment (Forest Patrol)

Property in rural Grays Harbor County may be charged with a State Fire Assessment. This assessment is collected on your regular real property tax statement by the County Treasurer and remitted to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. A minimum is charged on each parcel of 50 acres or less. If you own more than one parcel, YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND.

Properties qualifying for a refund must meet the following criteria:

  1. The parcel must include unimproved acreage;

  2. The parcel must be 50 acres or less, and;

  3. Payment of the assessment must be verified by the County Treasurer.

Refund claims must be filed to the Department of Natural Resources by December 31 of the assessment year or the refund claim expires.

For more information about the Fire Protection Assessment and/or the refund process contact the Washington State Department of Natural Resources:

Erin LaLonde – 306-902-1302

Nicki Eisfeldt – 360-528-7181