Calendar and Sessions
A general list of the Judges’ current docket rotation (from May 16, 2022 - current) is as follows. Please note that this is subject to change without notice. 

- Criminal Docket - Judge Katherine Svoboda
- Civil AM/PM Docket - Judge David Edwards
- Attorney Domestic Docket - Judge David Mistachkin
- Paternity Docket - Commissioner
- Pro Se Domestic Docket - Commissioner
- Protection Order Docket - Commissioner
- Dependency Docket - Judge David Mistachkin
- Juvenile Offender Docket - Judge David Mistachkin

Trials and Assignments
Grays Harbor County does not regularly pre-assign Judges to cases. Case assignments generally happen two to three weeks before scheduled trials or hearings. You can check with the Court Administrator during this time to see if an assignment has been made.

Special Settings
If you need to set matters outside of the dockets listed above please contact the Court Administrator for a time and date.

Docket Session Times and Holidays