updated 1/18/22


On March 22, 2022, the County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 469  amending Title 17 of the County Code to include short-term rental (STR) standards. 


  • STEP 1:  Site Plan Review Application and Site Plan  - STR applications will not be accepted prior to completing steps 1 & 2.
  • STEP 2:  Related Permits and Approvals  -  As a result of STEP 1, the applicant will receive a checklist outlining the next steps in the process.  The applicant will be notified when the project is ready to proceed to STEP 3.
  • STEP 3:  Short Term Rental Permit Application  -  Staff will review your application and submittal documents for completeness and compliance with applicable state and local health, safety and building regulations.  If the proposal is consistent with these regulations, staff will issue the STR Permit.  STR Permit's must be re-applied or annually.
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Pursuant to a valid Short Term Rental Permit, short term rentals are a permitted use in the following Zoning Districts:

  • General Development One (G-1)
  • General Development Five (G-5)
  • General Residential (R-2)
  • Resort Residential (R-3)
  • Rural Residential (RR)
  • Lake Quinault (LQ) 
  • General Commercial (C-2)
What zoning district is my property located in? 

  1. Visit the Assessors online Mapsifter search tool.
  2. Input an address, owner name, or parcel number, then click search.
  3. From the aerial map, click on "District Information" which will display the zone district.  Alternatively, you can select "Legend" in the lower left hand corner to expand the menu then select the "Zoning+" layer for a colored overlay to populate the map (this may take a few moments to display).
Contact the Permit Coordinator if you need further assistance at 360-249-4222 or by email at pbd@graysharbor.us.


Have a concern? Please call 360-227-5030 to report your concern or submit online by selecting the below icon.

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Short term rentals approved with a Conditional Use Permit or as part of a Planned Unit Development under Title 17 prior to the effective date (3/22/2022) of Ordinance 469 do not require a Short Term Rental Permit.  If your property is located within an incorporated city, you must contact the appropriate city jurisdiction for rules and regulations.


Please contact a Permit Coordinator at 360-249-4222 or by email at pbd@graysharbor.us if you have any questions.

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