The MRC will host the next meeting via Zoom.  Meeting details will be posted soon.

Currently the MRC has two Local Citizen Board seats available! If you are interested in applying to sit on the MRC board please contact the MRC Coordinator at for more information.   

Based on the recommendations of the MRC Exploratory Committee, the Board of County Commissioners appointed the first MRC Board consisting of 15 members with voting members representing each of the following membership categories:

  • Conservation/Environmental Groups
  • Economic Groups
  • Government
  • Commercial Fishing/Crabbing/Aquaculture               
  • Local Citizens
  • Education
  • Recreation Groups
  • Scientific Community
  • Tribal Government                                                             
  • Sport Fishing
  • State Agencies


Sarah Bisson, Chair of MRC
Citizen Interest
The City of Ocean Shores

Lorena Maurer
Educational Interest
Grays Harbor College

Molly Bold
Local Government Interest
Port of Grays Harbor  

Garrett Dalan
Conservation & Environmental Interest
The Nature Conservancy 

Arthur "RD" Grunbaum
Local Citizen Interest 

Kevin Decker
Economic Interest
Washington Sea Grant

Kyle Deerkop, Vice Chair of MRC 
Aquaculture Interest
Coast Seafoods 

Joe Schumacker
Tribal Interests
Quinault Indian Nation 

Al Carter
Commercial Fishing Interest
Ocean Companies

Amy Spoon
State Interest

Jody Pope
Scientific Community Seat
Vice President of WEfish


Kristina Hollatz is in the Environmental Health Division of Grays Harbor County and will be the main county staff lead for the MRC.  Kristina's email is and her telephone number is (360) 249-4222

Please remember there will always be plenty of opportunities to participate on subcommittees and projects!