Tax Title Property

Tax Title lands are any tract of land acquired by the County for lack of other bidders at a tax foreclosure sale. These properties are called "Tax Title". 

Tax Title property may be sold by order of the County Legislative Authority when it is deemed
in the County's best interests to sell real property.  RCW 36.35.120

Tax Title Property can be purchased by:

1.  Tax Title Auction
The next Tax Title Auction will be held in September of 2021

2.  Private Negotiation - RCW 36.35.150 provision 1) a, b, or c
Application - Private Negotiation

3.  Over-the-Counter Sales - RCW 36.35.150 provision  1) d
Application - Over-the-Counter

Any Tax Title parcel purchased will be issued a County Treasurer’s Deed. Only one parcel will be listed per deed and there will be additional fees of $128.50 assessed per parcel, in addition to the purchase price.

**Administrative fees listed are for for the first page of the document only. Each additional page is $1.00**