Due Date Extended - 2020  Indigent Defense Contract RFQ

Update:  The Application submittal deadline has been extended to December 20, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

The County is soliciting for the following indigent defense contracts in 2020: Drug Court (1), Superior Court (no limit), District Court (6), Juvenile Court (1) and Juvenile Court Conflict (2). Instructions and application materials are below.  

A Title 13 Guardian Ad Litem Contract will also be awarded, see RFQ below for details.

Documents are attached below:
Updated Letter on extended deadline and information
RFQ Announcement and Details

Contracts: (these are for review only, contracts will not be signed until awarded)
Superior Court
District Court
Juvenile Court and ITA Court
Drug Court
Juvenile Court Conflict
Title 13 GAL

Exhibit A to all contracts

Reference Material:
Sample case reporting form
Certification form