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Law Enforcement - Crime Prevention

GHC Patrol Car
Within the Criminal Division are the Deputies and Detectives. The primary function of the Criminal Division is law enforcement: responding to citizen's calls for assistance, investigation of crimes committed, traffic law enforcement through pro-active traffic stops, and crime prevention through public education.Administration of this Bureau is assigned to a Chief Criminal Deputy,assisted by two Lieutenants and six Sergeants. In addition, this division includes five Detectives and approximately 23 Deputies. Other specialunits include K-9 units, a Special Emergency Response Team, a Marine Safety Program, Traffic Enforcement units. The Sheriff's Office also dedicates manpower and resources to participation in the county wide Drug Task Force.


K-9 Units

The Sheriff's Office currently has two K-9 units. K-9 Trick is currently assigned to Deputy Kevin Schrader and K-9 Max is assigned to Deputy Tracy Gay as an apprehension K-9.

Marine Safety Program

In 1999, the Sheriff's Office was the recipient of two personal watercrafts from the Polaris Corporation for use in a Marine Safety Program. In addition, the Sheriff's Office has several other watercraft that are used for search and rescue operations and patrol during flood seasons. Five Deputies make up the Marine Services Unit and are fully trained to utilize all of our watercrafts for marine law enforcement and search and rescue functions.

Marine Safety
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