Central Transfer Station

Recycling of solid waste is the state’s second highest priority for solid waste management. Grays Harbor County provides a curbside recycle program, glass collection sites, transfer stations, and re-use programs.

The Central Transfer Station provides recycling drop-off of the following materials:

Cardboard, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Glass, Plastic Bottles, Cans, Used Oil

Glass Recycling

GLASS can no longer be recycled through Grays Harbor County's curbside recycling program. Glass drop-off boxes are located throughout the County. Follow this link for a location near you: Glass Recycling Drop-Off Boxes

Curbside Recycling

All recyclables can now be placed into one cart, no sorting is required. All materials must be inside the cart to be collected. Materials outside the cart (such as cardboard) will not be collected. The following materials can be recycled through Grays Harbor County's curbside recycling program:

What to Recycle
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What Not to Recycle

Informational Links

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