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Planning Division - Comprehensive Plan

Over the past 50+ years the Grays Harbor County Planning Commission & Staff have assembled a comprehensive plan establishing a long-range planning policy in unincorporated Grays Harbor County (those areas outside of incorporated City and Towns).

The Comprehensive Plan, as adopted by the BOCC, is comprised of the following planning elements:

  Critical Areas Protection - County Code Chapter 18.06
  Land Use and Rural Lands Element
  Agricultural Element
  Transportation Element
  Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management

The comprehensive plan forms the backbone of the Zoning Laws.

To read the collective works that make up the Comprehensive Plan “Click” on any of the above links!

Please NOTE: The files date back as far as 1961. The some of the above linked files have been digitized into the Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have the necessary software for viewing these files, it is free and easy to acquire. Simply go to Adobe’s website and follow the instructions for installing their latest acrobat PDF viewer.