Salmon Recovery Grant Profile

The Salmon Recovery Grant Program funds projects supported by lead entity strategies that:

There are 5 basic categories of eligible projects:

  1. Acquisition, which includes the purchase of land, access or other property rights
  2. Restoration projects that assist in the recovery of degraded, damaged, or destroyed habitat conditions
  3. Non-capital projects consisting of assessments, project designs, inventories, and studies that do not directly result in on-the-ground restoration or acquisition projects
  4. Design-only projects that lead to preliminary design (30 percent) or final design
  5. Combination acquisition projects that include different restoration elements or assessments and studies

Projects may include the actual habitat used by salmon and the land and water that support ecosystem functions and processes important to salmon.  The SFRB will closely review if a project clearly links with the goals and subbasin priorities of this strategy. Entities eligible for SRFB funding include:

While grants must be greater than $5,000, there is no grant cap except for design-only projects, which have a $200,000 ceiling.  In all practicality, however, the SRFB allocates a set dollar amount for grants available to each of the eight salmon recovery regional organizations in the state.  Generally, there is a 15% match requirement for all grants with the exception of design-only projects, which are exempt.  Projects satisfying a Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plan (RMAP) have a required 35% match for fish passage projects and a 50% match for sediment reduction projects.  Match may consist of cash or appropriations, bonds, donations, grants, and an applicant’s labor, equipment, and materials.