Habitat Work ScheduleThe Habitat Work Schedule (HWS) is a project mapping and tracking database for Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Lead Entities and their partners. The HWS system brings together Lead Entity habitat projects in one place. It enables natural resource professionals, project funders, and the public to follow past, current, and proposed projects from concept through implementation and then, once complete, into the monitoring phases. This leaves a legacy of local and statewide salmon recovery efforts and creates a better coordinated salmon recovery effort.  

Conceptual status represents a range of projects from ideas to fully scoped projects.  This category is appropriate for projects that are not ready for “proposed” status, i.e., no project sponsor, lack of community support, insufficient project information, not ready to be implemented, etc.  The purpose of this category is to capture project ideas, some of which may turn into funded projects and some of which may never actually mature to be fundable projects. 
To submit a conceptual project, please complete the attached form and send  to Jane Atha, Grays Harbor County / LE Coordinator, Centralia College, jatha@centralia.edu

Information Required for Conceptual Projects

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Proposed Start and End Dates
  • Category / Activity:  Restoration, Acquisition, Combined
  • Project Contact Person:  Name, Address, Phone, email
  • Project Location

    Download the Conceptual Project Form



Lead Entity Strategy

Please refer to the Chehalis Basin Salmon Habitat Restoration and Preservation Strategy for WRIA 22 and 23. 

For project sponsors focusing on a specific subbasin or tributary, we have broken out the Lead Entity Strategy into Management Units, Tributaries, and Summaries to assist you in your application. To access this information go to  Subbasin Action Steps.


Salmon Recovery Strategies