Organizational Structure                

The organization of the Chehalis Basin Lead Entity shall consist of the Habitat Work Group, a Local Review Team Subcommittee, a Citizen Advisory Group Subcommittee, a Lead Entity Coordinator, and the Contracting Agent.

Habitat Work Group

The Habitat Work Group consists of local technical experts and citizens that act as the steering body for the Lead Entity.  Its responsibilities include setting policy directions for the Lead Entity, developing the Lead Entity strategy using critical pathways methodologies, and recommending to the Contracting Agent a prioritized Habitat Project List in accordance with RCW 77.85.050.

The membership of the Habitat Work Group includes those members serving on the board at the time of the adoption of the bylaws.

The Habitat Work Group may appoint additional members by majority vote.  Members may represent, but are not limited to, government, the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and citizens-at-large.  There is no limitation on membership concerning expertise or experience.

The Habitat Work Group may establish additional subcommittees not established by these bylaws upon majority vote of the membership.

Local Technical Review Team

The Local Review Team is a subcommittee appointed by the Habitat Work Group consisting of representative interests of counties, cities, state and federal agencies, conservation districts, tribes, environmental groups, business interests, landowners, citizens, volunteer groups, regional fish enhancement groups, and other habitat interests.

The Local Review Team assists the Lead Entity in its technical work, including the review and recommendation of a Habitat Project List for inclusion in the Habitat Work Schedule.  Membership on the Local Review Team is not restricted to members of the Habitat Work Group. 

Lead Entity Coordinator

The Lead Entity Coordinator facilitates and coordinates Lead Entity efforts, including the responsibilities of the Habitat Work Group, the Local Review Team, the Citizens Advisory Group, and the Contracting Agent.  Duties include, but are not limited to: