Grays Harbor County Housing Plan for Low- & Moderate- Income People
Grays Harbor County Housing & Homelessness Plans  
Grays Harbor County
Housing & Homelessness Plans
Grays Harbor County

Updating Countywide Plans for Housing & Homelessness Issues

Grays Harbor County is facilitating a countywide planning effort to update its affordable housing plan and its homelessness plan. 

Having these countywide plans updated is important for citizens, agencies, organizations, and businesses in our county.

These plans organize our efforts at implementing a comprehensive approach to addressing housing problems facing low- and moderate-income people, people with special needs, and the homeless.

2010 Documents


Our planning process involves looking at fresh housing data, forming new partnerships, and updating or creating new projects that benefit our community. 

This is a very timely effort, given the current mortgage crisis and economic challenges facing many of our citizens.  

This website is a resource for people participating in the workshops and those individuals looking to find out more about resources available for affordable housing options and services for the homeless.  


Aberdeen Neighborhood, February, 2010

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