Grays Harbor County Growth Management Update 2012

Growth Management Updates

Grays Harbor County is starting a community planning process to update specific sections of the county’s land use policies and regulations concerning critical areas and natural resource lands of long-term commercial significance.

The purpose of this website is to keep county citizens informed about this process, including sharing information about proposed changes, public participation opportunities, and timelines.  This page will update frequently, so please visit it often.

How will the process move forward?

There will be two update tracks: Track 1 consists of minor amendments while Track 2 amendments will require greater public discussion. 

Track 1

Addition 1

The Board of Commissioners adopted the Track 1 changes to Title 18 on January 9, 2012.

Track 2 Amendments

What is the schedule for both tracks?

Track 1

Track 1 is now complete.

Track 2

Why is this update happening?

Grays Harbor County agreed to undertake this community planning process in response to legal proceedings filed by Futurewise and Friends of Grays Harbor.  Please go to the document section to read materials relating to these legal proceedings.