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Monday, October 24, 2016  13:02

Issued: Wednesday, March 16, 2011  00:00

Response to Tsunami Advisory

  The scenes of the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami of March 10th & 11th will forever be etched in our minds. For one of the first times in our history, from our living rooms, we were watching unbelievable events unfold at the very moment they occurred. Natural disasters can strike at any moment. Every person, in every community is susceptible, which is why we must strive to prepare our families for every type of disaster situation.
   Grays Harbor County Emergency Management coordinated with many different Coastal communities and entities to provide the citizens of the County with an extremely effective response to the Tsunami Advisory. Communication between all was very efficient and decisions were made jointly. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to all of the Coastal Communities and assisted the Fire Districts in coordinating their local response to the Tsunami Advisory. In Pacific Beach and Moclips, citizens were evacuated to Grays Harbor Fire District 8 with the assistance of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, Chief John Collum and GHFD #8 members and CERT team members. In the Quinault Indian Nation, Fire Chief Lisa Hall assisted the citizens of Taholah in evacuating to the tribal center. The Cities of Ocean Shores and Westport patrolled their beaches and informed citizens of the issue at hand. In Grayland, Chief Chuck Chafin and GHFD #11 along with Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department members patrolled beaches and informed citizens of the Advisory. Special thanks to Jodesha Broadcasting and to the Grays Harbor Radio Group for mobilizing immediately after notification, to provide the citizens with the most up to date information provided by Grays Harbor Emergency Management. Washington State Patrol, Washington State Fish and Wildlife and Washington State Parks also assisted in the notifications in the various jurisdictions. All local school districts along the Coast were also notified of the situation.
   For 22 hours, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management received and disseminated information from the Washington State Emergency Management Department and from the West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska. The media, local jurisdictions, agencies and citizens were informed of the notifications as soon as they were received, from the initial issuance of the earthquake notice on Thursday evening, until the Tsunami Advisory was cancelled near 8pm on Friday night.
   Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would like to thank all response agencies for their cooperation, support and assistance during the Tsunami Advisory. Accolades go out to the citizens of the County. The responding agencies reported that everyone was extremely aware of the seriousness of the situation and were accommodating during the evacuations and notifications.                              
Remember, now is the time to prepare your family, home, friends, neighbors, pets and businesses for disaster. Please refer to the Grays Harbor Emergency Management website at:                                                                                                                    for more information. If you need assistance or have questions on how to prepare, please call Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at (360) 249-3911 x 290 or e-mail to