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Thursday, January 29, 2015  06:19

Issued: Friday, December 07, 2012  00:00

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day and the Need to Prepare

Today, December 07, is not only a day to remember the Pearl Harbor attack, plunging the United States into World War II, it is also a day of remembrance for all of our military veterans. Their sacrifice and dedication allows us to enjoy the freedoms we experience every day. May all of our current serving military personnel return home safely and soon.
A misconception about the attack upon the military bases at Pearl Harbor was that it was an attack without warning.  For months and weeks prior to the attack, our military and political leaders received information about the communications, movement and capability of the Japanese military. They refused to heed the information received. There was an aura of invincibility that no country would dare attack the United States or any military base – it couldn’t and would never happen to us. History tells the tragic tale of the events that took place on that fateful morning because of a failure to properly prepare and heed the obvious warnings about an imminent attack.
There are signs the same mindset exists today in some communities and in many citizens when it comes to emergency preparation and planning. Many are not ready for the potential effects from severe storms and natural disasters, even though obvious warnings are being communicated on a regular basis.  We cannot hide from the fact another large storm or earthquake will impact the area and hope it doesn’t directly affect us. These events will occur in our future.
Grays Harbor County Emergency Management strongly advises all residents to educate themselves and their family on all natural disasters, storms and hazards that could affect their family, business, pets and home. Take time to prepare a GO KIT for home, work and car for each member of your family and for your pets, on the occasion you must quickly leave your home or business during a disaster or severe storm event.
Go Kit in easy carry backpack
·         2 bottles of water – 2 energy bars and/or easy open pouch of food – pocket sized rain parka –emergency blanket - Flashlight – small am/fm radio – jacket or hooded sweatshirt – laminated copy of prescriptions – small pack of sanitary wipes – hand sanitizer – band aids, gauze and medical tape – laminated copy of emergency contact numbers and address of friends and family.
Pet Go Kit in easy carry backpack
·         2 bottles of water – towel ––emergency blanket – 2 pet food meals in easy-open pouches or cans – pet leash or harness – laminated copy of most recent vaccination record for each pet - laminated picture of you with your pet (If your pet is lost, a shelter will want to be sure the animal is yours before releasing it to you)
            Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will continue working to provide essential information enabling all citizens an opportunity to further understand each natural disaster and storm specific issue that could impact our region. We welcome all questions and comments to or call (360) 249-3911.