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Wednesday, October 26, 2016  02:17

Issued: Wednesday, December 02, 2009  00:00

Grays Harbor County Response and Public Safety


Grays Harbor County Response and Public Safety
   In response to some public concern about the Sulfuric Acid leak and Glycerin tank explosion at the Imperium Grays Harbor facility on Wednesday, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would like to inform the citizens on the procedures that are in place and used during any potential release of a hazardous material which could potentially harm the citizens of the County.
   First, in the event of a release of any substance (harmful or not) the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management office will inform the citizens to SHELTER IN PLACE. This means to move indoors, shut your doors and windows and turn off your air conditioners and central air conditioning units.  The next thing you should do is to monitor the radio and television stations for information. Mass evacuations are extremely rare. Usually, if an evacuation needs to happen, it will be in the immediate vicinity of the incident. Many times there are other issues requiring the evacuation such as nearby fire and/or structural damage.
   Second, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will attempt to obtain as much critical information about the incident from the Incident Commander, the National Weather Service and any outside resources that could provide information as to the extent of the hazard vulnerability to the community.
   Third, Once the severity of the situation is known, the County Commissioners will be informed and then the media will receive the information and will broadcast it to the citizens, to allow them to understand what is taking place. In a discussion as to whether an evacuation is necessary, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will be involved in providing as much information and assistance to the local City, Tribal and County jurisdictions to allow them to make a prudent, appropriate and safe decision. If it is determined that an evacuation is necessary, the County Telephonic Warning System will be utilized to communicate to the affected citizens about the procedures that will be used in the evacuation.  
   Every City, Tribe and County Administration is concerned about the safety of their citizens. A Response Plan is in place for this and any other situation that could impact Grays Harbor County. If you have any questions about the role of Grays Harbor County Emergency Management or any potential hazardous incident/disaster response, please call (360) 249-3911 or e-mail for more information.
   Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would like to commend The City of Hoquiam, the Hoquiam Police and Fire Departments, and the assisting entities for a job well done at the Imperium Facility.