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Department of Emergency Management


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Monday, October 24, 2016  16:32

Issued: Wednesday, January 06, 2010  00:00

Cold & Excessive Heat Policy


Cold & Excessive Heat Policy Development Meeting Held Yesterday
   On Wednesday January 06, 2010, a meeting was held between Grays Harbor County Public Health, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management and the American Red Cross, to discuss the development and implementation of a Cold Weather and Excessive Heat Policy for Grays Harbor County. The meeting was held in response to the extremely cold temperatures of December 7 -12, 2009 and the need for temporary warming and housing shelters for the homeless, the elderly and families affected by the cold. A policy is being developed and local shelters and warming stations are being contacted throughout the County to insure participation in the event the Policy is activated. It is anticipated that the Cold & Excessive Heat Policy will be in place by February 01, 2010.