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For the latest press releases and information on the January 2015 Storm and Flooding, please go the the Press Releases link above.



Grays Harbor Storm Recovery


On behalf of the City of Aberdeen / City of Hoquiam / Grays Harbor County

Thursday, February 26, 2015

VOLUNTEER DAY RESULTS: The local Incident Management team geared-up for a volunteer clean-up day last Saturday, February 21, 2015. Organizational support for this event included staff from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, Aberdeen Fire Department, Hoquiam Fire Department, Aberdeen Police Department, Grays Harbor Fire District #2, Aberdeen Parks Department, Hoquiam Police Department, Grays Harbor County Health Department, Hoquiam Crime Watch, City of Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Transit and Region 3 Incident Management Team.

The Pearsall Building served as the Command Post for the effort. In total, 174 adult volunteers accompanied by approximately 60 minors were assigned with 30 disaster mitigation specialists from the Department of Ecology’s Washington Conservation Corps to help mitigate the lingering damage and affects from the January storm and flood. Some of the youth assisting were local high school students working on their student project service hours.

Households in need of assistance were identified based on calls to the FLOOD LINE at the Coastal Community Action Program. CCAP continues to be the designated call center for flood relief efforts.

Volunteers included local members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, Immanuel Baptist Church, North River Community Church, First Presbyterian Church of Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Four Square Church and Harbor Calvary Chapel as well as other local churches and citizens. Volunteers heeded the call from as far away as Seattle, Eastern Washington and Oregon.

Several businesses donated food, equipment and support, including House Brother’s, Domino’s, Home Depot, Hometown Sanitation and LeMay’s.

After a training session and registration as state emergency workers, volunteers were deployed by 9:00 AM with crews working until 5:00 PM. In total, 36 households were assisted to completion; 34 had work started by volunteers to be continued by the Conservation Corps; 19 locations were referred to additional resources; 23 homes are pending visits by the Conservation Corps and 4 new requests for assistance came in since Saturday.

Volunteers and crews from the Washington Conservation Corps crawled under homes to remove wet insulation, hauled and disposed of damaged property, shoveled mud out of yards and cleaned mold off walls and floors. At one point, over 35 volunteers armed with shovels worked on the mud and debris covering the entire backyard of a home on Queets Avenue in Hoquiam.

By the end of Saturday, LeMay’s reported they had collected over 38,000 pounds of debris and flood damaged property at the transfer station.

City public works crews from Aberdeen and Hoquiam have been working this week to collect the mud moved out of homes, garages and yards by the volunteer.

Since the flood, ten families have been offered assistance for temporary shelter while their homes are being repaired and 17 families have been relocated to alternative permanent housing. Several more cases are pending.

Homeowners and landlords were provided referral information and a list of resources for necessary future repairs beyond what the volunteer and Conservation Corps crews could tackle; at this time, no future large scale volunteer work session is planned.

Due to the support of Governor Jay Inslee and the Department of Ecology, three teams of disaster mitigation specialists from the Washington Conservation Corps are expected to continue to work in our area through this week. The Conservation Corps will return to their regular duties next week, but plan to return to Grays Harbor the week thereafter.

The Conservation Corps members are being graciously housed with home cooked dinners at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Hoquiam with guest access to the facilities at the Grays Harbor YMCA. With this generous donation, the teams are able to remain in service longer; however, the Incident Management Team is hoping additional state funds can be secured to keep the Conservation Corps working on flood relief.

Sandy Mullins, a policy advisor to Governor Inslee visited Saturday to see the volunteer effort firsthand; she has communicated the Incident Management Team’s appreciation to the Governor.

Residents who are still in need of assistance or did not receive assistance last Saturday are urged to call the FLOOD LINE at 360-500-4551. 



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During emergency and disaster events, social media becomes a frenzy of information and tends to obtain a life of its own.  A tremendous amount of great information is relayed through social media.  At times rumor, misinformation and old information is communicated through different social media outlets, which in turn can be passed on to others by unsuspecting users of the various social media outlets.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management posts the most up to date and verified information available anywhere through all of the outlets described below. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VERIFY INFORMATION BEFORE PASSING IT ON TO OTHERS.

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Division of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Role in Grays Harbor County

The Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is responsible for developing and maintaining a Countywide infrastructure for emergency/disaster preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.

This is accomplished by means of a cooperative, multi-jurisdictional organization which includes the Cities of Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, McCleary, Montesano, Oakville, Ocean Shores, Westport, the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation, the Quinault Indian Nation, all 15 County Fire Districts and every Grays Harbor County Department.

Emergency Operations Center


DEM is responsible for maintaining the EOC in a constant state of readiness. During a countywide disaster, the EOC becomes the hub of information gathering and dissemination, strategic decision making, resource allocation and incident coordination. Representatives from law enforcement, fire services and public health, environmental health, EMS, as well as other organizations from throughout the county work together to coordinate the response.

Division Functions

The Division of Emergency Management actively prepares for and participates in the following functions:
Disaster Planning
Disaster/Emergency Response Planning
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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Emergency Preparedness
Exercises for Disaster & Emergency Response
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The StormReady program helps community leaders prepare their communities for severe weather. Severe weather includes thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, high heat, high winds, and extreme cold weather. Although no community is storm proof, StormReady communities are better prepared to save lives through planning, education, and awareness.

TsunamiReady helps community leaders and emergency managers strengthen their local operations by being sufficiently prepared to save lives in the event of a Tsunami through better planning, education and awareness. Although no community is tsunami proof, being TsunamiReady can help minimize loss to our community.

Grays Harbor County has received both designations of StormReady and TsunamiReady. DEM continues to work on planning, education and awareness.