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Department of Public Services

Dale Gowan

Administration Building
Third Floor
100 W Broadway
Suite 32
Montesano, WA  98563

(360) 249-4144
(360) 249-5669

Office Hours:
8:00 am-5:00 pm

Ron Malizia
Deputy Director
Database Admin/

Steve Carey
Deputy Director
Computer Operations/ Systems Analyst

Central Services plays a supporting role for all County Departments when it comes to their hardware and software needs.

Our network technicians take care of the County's physical needs: they keep us connected, able to get our PC's up and running when when they break, they are our leaders in our constant battle with software viruses and unwanted "spam" emails. They are an invaluable asset to our County Government by keeping us from having to contract with other third party businesses, saving the County money and helping minimize down time inefficiencies by always being here, on site ready to help.

small number of 3rd party software packages to creating and maintaining a large number of our own, in house system applications as well as maintaining our own and other's websites.

Our in house products also range greatly from small desktop database applications utilizing Paradox for Windows and other Microsoft desktop programs to system wide applications developed with Delphi to access any of our numerous Microsoft SQL Server Databases.




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