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ORV Park Business Plan



Operation of the park is a coordinated effort of Grays Harbor County, Promoto Promotions, numerous volunteers, and funding through the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board's (RCFB) NOVA Program.

Straddleline ORV Park Advisory Committee

The ORV Park Advisory Committee (OPAC) serves as an advisory body to the Straddleline ORV Park Management and Grays Harbor County Commissioners. The OPAC is comprised of various users to guide and assist in the activities of the park. The Committee advises on policy and procedures, assists to promote the ORV Park, acts as representative of the park for the purpose of protecting the public’s interest by proper use of the funds and park facilities, advises management concerning facility improvements, and provides a conduit to user groups. Following are the members and the activity they represent:
At Large:
Mitchell Culbertson
  Bob Lattimar
Alfie Bensinger
Flat Track:
Brooke Heikkila
Go Carts:
Bob Bellamy
Ted DeVol
Leslie Ortquist
Trail Bikes:
Ian Murphy
Dan and Annie McCarthy (Alternates)
Dan Marek
Brandon Marek (Alternate)

For further information, please contact Promoto Promotions.

Straddleline ORV Park offers entry in to the Capitol Forest. Visit DNR's website for more information regarding regulations and recreational use of trails within the State's Forest.

Driving Directions: The park is West of Olympia, WA. on Highway 8 near McCleary.
From Olympia, take exit 104 off I-5 and travel west 16 miles towards the ocean beaches. The park will be on the Left/South side of Highway 8.
From McCleary, continue East for approximately 3 miles on Highway 8, the park will be on the Right/South side of the Highway.

Map - Driving directions from Olympia and McCleary WA
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