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Department of Forestry and Tax Title Management

Larry W. Smith

Forestry Building
310 W. Spruce Ave.
Montesano, WA 98563

(360) 249-5071

(360) 249-5696

Office Hours:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Don Smith
Deputy Director
Extension 511

Claudia Self
Office Manager
Extension 510



The term "tax title lands" shall mean any tract of land acquired by the county for lack of other bidders at a tax foreclosure sale.

The Grays Harbor County Dept. of Forestry and Tax Title Management maintains files pertaining to tax title parcels, however the County Treasurer is the only person authorized by law to sell any County owned parcels. The Grays Harbor County Treasurer's office conducts an annual surplus property sale, at which time a number of parcels are auctioned off. This sale is separate from and should not be confused with the annual foreclosure sale held in December.

We encourage any interested persons to apply for re-sale of these parcels in the hopes they will be returned to the tax rolls. The parcels have been inventoried and a separate file created for each parcel. These files hold information pertinent to the parcels including such things as: parcel maps, listing of adjacent owners, deeds if available, liens against property if available, foreclosure information, and in some case abatement costs. It is the intent of this office to maintain the files so that all available information, which relates to each parcel, is readily accessible to interested parties as well as to the Treasurer's office to assist in sale preparation. If you have further questions regarding the parcels, feel free to call the Forestry Office at (360) 249-5071. However, if your questions pertain to an actual auction or sale, please call the Treasurer's Office at (360) 249-3751.


Application for Tax Title Property

Surplus Property Sales Listing


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