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Department of Emergency Management


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Monday, January 26, 2015  19:19

Issued: Thursday, July 29, 2010  00:00

Pro Active


   Become Pro-active!   All residents should be preparing for the winter weather. High winds, ice, snow, rain, and flooding are quite common in the Grays Harbor area.
1) Make sure you have a 72 hour survival kit with non perishable food for your family and pets, water, blankets, flashlights, battery powered portable radio and bedding.
2) Check your generators and fuel supply for them.
3) Have a place of refuge available if you need to leave your home.
4) Have an All Hazards Weather Radio operating and with a battery back-up.
5) Have a contact person who can accept calls from you and your family in the event you are separated due to inclement weather.
6) Keep a copy of all of your important documents with a friend or relative in another part of the county or country. This includes Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, Prescriptions, Medical Cards, Credit Cards, Social Security Cards, Mortgage Paperwork, Car Titles etc.
Crucial Personal Data Needed
Here is a great list of crucial personal data you’ll need in the event of a Disaster or crisis. Pay close attention to items #2 and #8!
1)    1) Passport(s), cash, credit/ATM card(s), a prepaid phone card.
2)    2) Current photos of all household members and pets.
3)    3) A printed emergency personal telephone directory.
4)    4) Copies of your estate and health care documents, insurance policies.
5)    5) Photocopies of important family cards like drivers licenses, medical and employment ID’s.
6)    6) A list of where your original important papers and documents are located, including info about any safety deposit boxes.
7)    7) Current medical information, blood types, allergies, medications etc.
8)   8)  A current room by room inventory of your personal and household possessions, including model, serial numbers, original purchase dates and price, etc of anything that is particularly valuable. Photos and videotapes are an excellent addition. (This information will be very useful in settling insurance claims.)
This information is from an article by Jennie L Phipps @ May 17, 2010 -  A Crisis Strikes: Can You Access Your Crucial Personal Data?
*** Remember, during the Nisqually Earthquake, cell phone lines and land lines were so jammed with callers that it took 3-4 hours to get thru!  Did you know that all of the pay phones worked without interruption or delay? ***