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Friday, October 28, 2016  05:09

Issued: Monday, December 17, 2012  00:00

Avoiding Confusion in Emergency Alerts and Messages

Many citizens with smart phones received Blizzard Warning messages last night and again this morning via an alert message on their phones. It caused confusion to many because no specific area was indicated in the message. This message was NOT sent by Grays Harbor County Emergency Management.
All phone, text or e-mail messages sent from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will state so in the message. If you receive a message without an indication it was from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management, you should:
1)      Go to the Grays Harbor Emergency Management website and check the message board for any weather alerts at:                                                                                
2)      Follow us on facebook and twitter
3)      Check with local county radio stations (1320am and 1450am) for the most up to date information from Grays Harbor Emergency Management.
Remember, television usually does not broadcast the correct emergency message for Grays Harbor County residents. Radio Stations outside of the county will not broadcast the correct message for Grays Harbor County residents.
All Grays Harbor County citizens are urged to obtain an All Hazards Weather Radio for immediate alerts for severe weather and disaster information. Citizens should also sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System for alerts from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management via phone call, text and e-mail. You can sign up for the notification system at:                                                 
Grays Harbor County sent a coastal hazardous weather alert on Saturday notifying residents who signed up for coastal notifications about the hazardous weather this weekend. Nearly 1600 residents were notified via text, e-mail and phone in less than 18 minutes. The system is extremely fast and efficient, helping Grays Harbor County Emergency Management keep our citizens informed quickly with information pertinent to their specific location and concerns.
For more information on alerting, please call Grays Harbor County Emergency management at (360) 249-3911 or e-mail us at