Grays Harbor County

Coroner's Office

Lane Youmans

Dwight Combs
Chief Deputy Coroner

Robert Kegel
Deputy Coroner

Ryan Meister
Deputy Coroner

1006 North H St.
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Office # 360-537-6139
24hr # 360-532-2322
Fax # 360-533-4633


Coroner's Office

How To Choose a Funeral Home or a Mortuary:

Many people make prior funeral arrangements and pre-pay part of the cost with the funeral home or mortuary of their choice. The family or legal representative has the right and first responsibility of choosing the firm if pre-arrangements were not made. If the family cannot be located, the Coroner will call the rotation mortuary and the decedent’s body will be respectfully moved to their facility. The family or legal representative has the choice to continue with the services of that firm or have the body moved to the facility of their choice.

Local funeral homes and mortuaries are listed here alphabetically:

Coleman Mortuary
422 Fifth Street
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Evergreen Mortuary & Cremation
2208 Roosevelt
Aberdeen, WA 98520
East County: 360-495-4773

Fern Hill Funeral Home
2208 Roosevelt
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Harrison Family Mortuary
311 West Market, Aberdeen
Aberdeen, WA 98520