Private property should not be entered without the permission of the current property owner.

These parcels are privately owned until the conclusion of the auction. Any site inspection of the parcels should be done with the authorization of the current parcel owner. Anyone inspecting these parcels from anywhere other than the public right-of-way does so without the authorization of Grays Harbor County and is considered to be trespassing.

Please respect the property rights of the current parcel owners.

  • All bidders must be registered.
  • You may register for the tax sale prior to the sale by contacting the Foreclosure Deputy at 100 W. Broadway Suite 22 or in the Commissioner's Hearing Room before the auction begins.
  • No changes to the registration may be made after the sale.
  • The registration fee is $500.00 and must be a cashier’s check.  CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR BIDDER REGISTRATION
  • When you register, you will be provided a copy of the terms of sale. You are required to read and sign the terms of sale before being issued a bidder number card. You cannot bid without a card
  • Those wishing to bid must be present or have a representative present at the auction who must be willing to sign documents as an agent for the purchasing party.

The auctioneer will announce the minimum bid for each parcel. To bid, you must hold up your issued bidder card and call out the bid amount. Each parcel is sold to the highest bidder. Payment requirements are as follows: Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order. No other form of payment will be accepted.  Payment in full must be received by 4:00 PM the day of the Auction.

Failure to make payment as required will trigger an immediate resale of the property to the previous bidder and the defaulting bidder will be excluded from further participation in the auction. Grays Harbor County does not offer a financing program.

If a bidder is due a refund, the refund will be issued and mailed AFTER the expiration of 10 business days. After funds have been processed a Bill of Sale will be issued within 60 days. The Treasurer's office will provide further instructions on completing the transfer, if necessary.