Jury Duty FAQs

Welcome to Jury Duty!

Per General Order 2020-1 from our presiding Judge Edwards. "All jury panels scheduled for duty between March 16 and March 27, 2020, are excused from duty."

The courts all appreciate your willingness to serve in this vital role as a juror. It is a service only you and your fellow citizens can provide.

Since you are probably wondering what your jury service involves here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

All of us at the courts look forward to your serving and assisting you during your jury service.

If you have concerns about anything regarding your service when you are selected please feel free to call:

Sherry Carlson-Deputy Clerk III at 360-249-3842 ext 1818


She will be happy to answer any questions and help you through the process. 

WARNING! Jury Scams 

Scammers are calling and writing people and saying they missed jury duty.They are not court staff or from the sheriff’s office -- they are trying to steal your money or commit identity theft. They ask for money or personal information like Social Security numbers, birth dates, or bank account information. They may threaten you, say that there is a warrant for your arrest or say that you owe a court fine. Stop right there. Put away your wallet. Hang up the phone, ignore the email.
Court staff will never ask potential jurors for money or confidential information over the phone, email, or mail. Do not give money or information to these people. Just hang up or ignore the message. Anyone who responded to these scams should report the incident to the police. Jury duty is a vital civil responsibility and should be taken seriously by everyone. These scams are not part of jury duty.

How was I chosen?

How long will I serve?

How much is the compensation for jury service?

Where do I park when I report for jury service?

Where do I report and what happens?

Where do I have lunch?

How long will I be at the courthouse?

How do I get excused from jury duty?

What number do I call the night before?