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Jail Register

 Jail Register 
* Current listing of all incarcerated inmates.
* Listing of all inmates released over the past twenty four hours.
* Listing of all inmates incarcerated over the past twenty four hours.

On May 15th the new visitation rules will go into effect. Visitors will need to be on the inmates approved visitor list to visit. They will be screened and approved in order to visit. DO NOT contact the jail requesting to be put on this list. It must be submitted to the Corrections staff by the inmate who is in our custody.

Court appearances are arranged by the court, the attorney and the prosecutor’s office. The jail does not attempt to provide these appearance times or dates for many reasons. They are always subject to change.
For info, go to and select: FIND MY COURT DATE

Washington State Dept Of Corrections: 

Victim's Notification Website:


Inmate Pre-Paid Phone Services

Lattice Corp Lattice Phone System
Friends and Family have two options to fund their Pre Paid Collect (PPC) accounts. First they can call 888-843-1972 and place funds via debit or credit card. The second is to mail in money order to the following address:

Lattice Incorporated
P.O. Box 536
Collingswood, NJ 08108

Lattice Brochure
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Inmate Deposits
Access Secure Deposits

A secure way of sending funds to inmates currently housed in our facility.
Toll Free Phone Deposits
Internet Deposit