Construction Projects

For more project information or traffic impacts, contact the Public Works Department at 360-249-4222.

Project Name  Project Location  Traffic Impacts Status  Updated 
Big Creek Bridge Replacement  Polson Camp Rd M.P. 0.24 to M.P. 0.31 Bridge Closure with Off-Site Detour  Scheduled for 8/14/2017  
 Wynooche Wishkah Road, Curve Safety project  Wynooche Wishkah Road M.P. 3.88 to M.P. 4.02  One Way Alternating Traffic  Advertising  
Harstad Creek Culvert Replacement Middle Satsop Road M.P.5.28  Road Closure with Off-Site Detour to East Satsop Road Substantially Complete  7/24/2017
Fish barrier Removal Project at Gaddis Creek and Eaton Creek South Bank Road M.P. 10.01 and M.P. 11.92  Road Closures with Offsite Detour to State Route 12 Substantially Complete
Taylor Creek, Fish Barrier Removal Project  South Bank Road M.P. 14.74 and Taylors Ferry Road M.P. 0.03 South Bank Rd - Road Closure with Off-Site Detour to State Route 12.
Taylors Ferry Rd. - Onsite Detour with One Way Alternating Traffic.
Active - South Bank Road Closed at M.P. 14.74  8/15/2017

Some projects may be "on Hold" due to weather or other Agency reasons.

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