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The subdivision of land into lots is governed in Washington State by chapter 58.17 RCW and by Grays Harbor County Code Title 17 which was adopted under that chapter's authority. Any division of land for the purpose of lease, sale, or transfer of ownership into two or more lots and the development of land for mobile home parks and recreational vehicle parks within unincorporated Grays Harbor County must be reviewed under this title unless otherwise exempt.

The first step in the subdivision process is the Pre-Development Review.  The pre-development review will identify the zoning, environmental and shoreline regulations that apply to your proposal.  Long plats (more than four lots) and more complicated projects may also benefit from a Pre-Application Meeting with staff during the design process. 

Creating two, Three, or Four lots:

The division of land into two or more parcels but not more than four parcels where the resulting lots are under five (5) acres in size is a Short Subdivision.  The short subdivision review is a two step process.  Planning staff will review your application and submittal documents for completeness and compliance with GHC subdivision, zoning, and environmental regulations.  If the proposal is consistent with the local regulations, staff will issue a preliminary approval of the subdivision.  Preliminary approval will include conditions which must be met before final plat approval is issued and the subdivision is recorded.

Your application for subdivision must include the following items and information:

Environmental Checklist (only if requirement is identified during Pre-development Review)
Application Checklist for Short Subdivisions Creating Two Lots

Long Plat Subdivision
Division of land into five (5) or more lots is a Long Plat Subdivision.