Planning Division - Zoning

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have divided unincorporated Grays Harbor County (areas outside of incorporated cities and towns) into 14 Zoning Districts.

Each Zoning District has unique rules that:

  • Provide for more orderly development.
  • Protect or maintain property values.
  • Help attract business and industry.
  • Promote public health and safety.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Manage aesthetics.

Manage density. You can read about the Zoning Districts at Title 17 of the Grays Harbor County Code

Zoning regulations define the type and location of general use that may legally occur on your property.

The Planning Division will check all development applications to ensure that proposals are consistent with the zoning requirements. 

What Zoning District Is My Property Located In?
Input an address or parcel number into the mapsifter tool and then click on district information to find out which zoning district a property is located in.