Inspection requests can be made by calling the Grays Harbor County Building Division @ (360) 249-4222. Inspections typically occur the next business day following the request. Inspections should be requested in the order detailed on the plan review coversheet issued with the permit after approval of any prior required inspections listed. When making a request please have the following information available:

Permit Number.
Site Address.
Owner's Name.
Contact telephone number for person making request.
Type of inspection being requested.
Date for requested inspection. (When not specified the inspection will usually occur the following business day.)

Please ensure all work to be inspected is ready prior to calling. In the event that work will not be ready after scheduling an inspection please call the number above to cancel as soon as possible. If you are unclear if an inspection is required or what your next required inspection would be, please call the Grays Harbor County Building Division at the number above.

Click here for more information on inspection procedures.

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