Addressing Requests

New Addressing Requests - 

Addressing is required when:
  • The property owner would like certain utility services such as water, power, phone, sewer, etc. The Public Utility District (PUD) and other various districts or entities typically will require/verify that the parcel has a County approved and assigned situs address. 
  • Building Permit applications
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Multiple residences on one parcel, etc.
  • Subdivisions
  • Boundary Line Adjustments (when applicable)
  • If a private lane, drive, road, etc. is created. This may require that some parcels be readdressed.
If you would like to request an address to be assigned for a County parcel, you may do so by completing the Address Request Form (below). Please submit this application along with the appropriate fee ($81.00 per address) and a map illustrating the parcel, road access, any structures located on said parcel, and the adjoining property addresses to the Building Division. 

Currently cash, personal check or bank check are accepted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and returned to applicant. Sorry, electronic requests are currently not accepted.

If you have additional questions regarding addressing please contact a Permit Coordinator at (360) 249-4222.

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