Timber Sales

2019 Timber Sales
Timber sale documents updated as of May 8, 2019.

We have put new locks on our gates. 
You will need to check out a new key to check out our timber sales.

March 15, 2019 Timber Sale:

TBR1901 - Lytle Creek No. 10
  Lytle Creek Map 

TBR1902 - East Hoquiam River No. 4
  East Hoquiam River No.4 Map

TBR1903 - Raney Creek No. 11 - UPDATED
  Raney Creek #11 Map    

CED1901 - Cedar Salvage - West Fork Andrews Creek No. 2

  West Fork Andrews Creek No.2 Map

  Please note that these maps can be used with Avenza Maps®    

April 19, 2019 Timber Sale: 

TBR1904 - Polson Pond No. 3
   Polson Pond No.3 Map